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Streamline tasks with AI assistants, optimizing efficiency within your team's workflow.

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Collaborate in a teamspace, brainstorm collectively, leveraging top large language models.

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Manage access permissions, controlled AI utilization across teams, enhancing IP Protection.

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Enhance your workflow with Promptech

Prompt Engineering

Craft prompts, create AI agents, make edits, and iteratively track versions.

  • Generate new prompts, make edits, and track versions effortlessly.
  • Utilize prompt templates with parameters to tailor prompts to specific needs.
  • Test various prompts and make data-driven decisions.
  • Access a public prompt library for inspiration across different tasks.
  • Adjust prompts on the fly without needing to write code or redeploy.

Prompt Engineering:

Prompt engineering involves guiding a Large Language Model (LLM) to produce desired outputs by crafting tailored prompts, ensuring precise and desired responses. It is a strategic approach essential for optimizing the performance and functionality of LLMs in various applications.

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AI Teamspace

Unify Collaboration and Innovation with AI Teamspace: Access Multiple Models, Streamline Feedback.

AI Teamspace:

An AI teamspace is a collaborative workspace where teams can access and utilize advanced Large Language Models collectively. It serves as a centralized platform for teams to collaborate, experiment with different LLMs, and streamline the development and deployment of AI solutions.

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  • Unite your team in a shared workspace with access to numerous LLM models.
  • One Platform, Multiple Models: Access GPT-4, Claude-3, Mistral-Large, and more.
  • Keep everyone on the same page by ensuring they are working with the latest prompt versions.
  • Log requests and monitor usage history for transparency and accountability.
  • Implement user management and governance with distinct access levels for Developers, Members, Guests, and Admins.
Enterprise-Ready, Accessible to All

AI solution for all businesses, ensuring scalability and inclusivity across diverse structures and demographics.

  • Ensure transparency and accountability across your enterprise.
  • Benefit from dedicated technical support and flexible hosting options.
  • Access exclusive features like Azure OpenAI and Isolated Meta Llama.
  • Benefit from enhanced data privacy and IP protection for your enterprise.
  • Enjoy comprehensive functionality immediately available to your team.

AI Integration

Bring generative AI to your team and seamlessly integrate it into your daily workflows for enhanced productivity. Experience the power of AI-driven creativity in your team's routine operations.

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